NFL Week 5 Picks 2016

1006160635Last week 7-8. Not the direction I hoped to be doing let us see if I can improve this week.

49ers – so torn took the home team, Pats – Welcome back Brady, Eagles – No “D” in Detroit, Philly cruises, Bears – Colts struggle from last week across the pond, Titans = Tennessee runs all over Miami, Skins – Washington puts 2 wins together, Vikes – “D” at Minny knocks down another, Steelers – Pitt makes it look easy, Denver – Broncos “D” stops the Ryan to Jones connection, Cowboys – Media all on Bengals but I back away, Rams- Buffalo’s good fortune goes bust in LA, Raiders – Oakland rolls at home, Pack – Mr. Rodgers leads the fireworks, Carolina – Even with chips against Panthers they play well enough to win.

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