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10/02/17 On the Couch with Bengal

October 3, 2017


The first person to do something is a “Maverick” and likely will face harsh criticism for their view. Yet even when the masses start following his lead he will not get the credit or respect. Colin Kaepernick.

Life seems to encourage you to meddle in hypocrisy. Ray Lewis and Kaepernick. When Ray was given the chance he took a knee during the anthem. Michael Flynn and Hillary Clinton. When Flynn also couldn’t be trusted with national security secrets. Politicians. Republicans then to Democrats “Passing legislation through reconciliation is wrong.” Republicans now “We are going to pass tax reform and health care reform through reconciliation.”  How about don’t throw stones when you could be the next to be hit.

Is the NFL preseason a joke? Should it not be used to determine who starts? Deshaun Watson and Tom Savage. Tom Savage won the starting QB job but it appears the better choice was Watson. A report even surfaced that the coach tried to stump Watson via texts about different plays and couldn’t. But he wasn’t ready to start? Coach with no guts? Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson in 2012 shows that the processes can work. Remember Flynn was the money free agent and Wilson was a mid-third round draft pick. Wilson started and lead the team to a ring in 2014. Congrats Pete Carroll for making the football decision and not wait your turn or the one paid plays.

9/08/17 On the Couch with Bengal

September 9, 2017


Bold prediction that can’t be right: 2017 Chiefs led by full time starter Alex Smith go to and win the Superbowl and the 2018 starting QB for the Chiefs is Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs don’t make the playoffs.

Prediction that you can’t deny could happen: Next season, QB Alex Smith signs with the Redskins after their former QB, Kirk Cousins, signs with the 49ers and the Skins makes the playoffs while the 49ers don’t even get to .500.

Prediction that makes you think it is a small world: QB Alex Smith signs with the 49ers in 2018 and leads them to the playoffs.

NFL Week 7 Picks 2016

October 20, 2016


Last week 9-6.

This week Pack, Rams, KC, Ten, Vikes, Bengals, Skins, Oak, Buffalo, BMore, TB, Atlanta, NE, Seattle, Denver

Been struggling to make this fun. Going to go head to head with a quarter. Heads is home team tails is away team.

The quarter GB, Rams, KC, Ten, Vikes, Cleveland, Wash, Jags, Buff, JETS, TB, San Diego, NE, Zona, Denver

Differ by 6.

NFL Week 6 Picks 2016

October 20, 2016


Last week 8-6.

Give me Denver, Buffalo, Washington, Tennessee, Baltimore, Carolina, Bears, Detroit, Pitt, NE, Oakland, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, and Zona.

NFL Week 5 Picks 2016

October 6, 2016

1006160635Last week 7-8. Not the direction I hoped to be doing let us see if I can improve this week.

49ers – so torn took the home team, Pats – Welcome back Brady, Eagles – No “D” in Detroit, Philly cruises, Bears – Colts struggle from last week across the pond, Titans = Tennessee runs all over Miami, Skins – Washington puts 2 wins together, Vikes – “D” at Minny knocks down another, Steelers – Pitt makes it look easy, Denver – Broncos “D” stops the Ryan to Jones connection, Cowboys – Media all on Bengals but I back away, Rams- Buffalo’s good fortune goes bust in LA, Raiders – Oakland rolls at home, Pack – Mr. Rodgers leads the fireworks, Carolina – Even with chips against Panthers they play well enough to win.

NFL Week 4 Picks 2016

October 2, 2016


9-7 Last week. Bengals – Bengals bounce back but tough, Colts – Colts show Jags how far they need to go across the pond, Houston – Ten got issues, Washington – Cleveland keeps it a game, Jets – Jets at home keeps Wilson in check, Pats – In Pats we trust no matter QB, Carolina – Bonce back mostly because no longer have to deal with Vikes “D”, Baltimore – close win by late FG, Detroit – Bears mostly of the bad new type, Denver – Broncos getting better each week, Zona – Cards bounce back over down Rams this week, Diego – Philip Rives wins it at end of game, Dallas – Rivalry not what is used to be, Pittsburgh – Pitt mostly shakes off last week with lots of Bell, Minnesota – Vikes “D” leads the way.

NFL Week 3 Picks 2016

September 21, 2016

0921161812.jpgPrevious week was once again 10-6.

Pats- When the chips are against them the Pats rake in the most, Arizona – Buffalo is bad, Ten – Taking the home team, Miami – 5th QB in 5 weeks does not a good team make, Baltimore – Bmore keeps rolling, Green Bay – Fireworks and A. Rodgers answers his critics Denver – Den “D” to much for Bengals, Carolina – close, tights, and home team come out on top, Washington – smelling a road upset, Tampa Bay – Rams might score a TD or two but not much more, Seattle – 49ers at home maybe but not on road, Jets – on the Chief’s wagon last week to off the wagon this week, Indy – lots of points and Luck gets the ball last and scores, Steelers – wake up Philly you are not that good, Dallas – Bears with backup QB, no thanks, New Orleans – Brees puts up a nice game

9/13/16 On the Couch with Bengal

September 14, 2016

So time for everyone to over react to how every team did in the NFL based on one week. As in Carson Wentz is a hall of famer and the Browns should have drafted him, Patriots can win with any QB, Skins are dead on arrival, etc… Let me just say one guy possibly getting out of bounds doesn’t guarantee the Cowboys win by kicking a 60 plus yard field goal… Tried to buy an Andy Dalton color rush jersey and all sold out sounds to me like the NFL left money on the table for their charity. Just saying if the sales were going to their bottom line more jersey’s would have been available…

NFL Week 2 Picks 2016

September 14, 2016

0913161932.jpg10-6 in the picks last week. Missed how bad Browns are, not enough credit to how good Bucs are, some close games that could have went either way with 11 games decided by about a touchdown.

Jets – Bills are just bad, Panthers – bounce back after losing to a good team in Week 1, Skins – Boys young QB struggles on road, Steelers – back to back road games does Bengals no favors, GMen – only cause they are home, Pats – no struggles without two key players last week, Chiefs – build off of epic win last week and for the rest of the season, Lions – Stafford spreads the ball around and Titans too young, Ravens – Browns are horrible, Hawks – Rams are horrible, Cards – Bounce back over tough test against Bucs, Chargers – West Coast travel too much for Jags, Raiders – believe that Del Rio will lead this team to more wins as needed, Broncos – no “D” for Indy and plenty for Broncos, Pack – Sam’s first game or A. Rodgers shows how good he is with all his weapons, Eagles – Bears not that good this year.

NFL Week 1 Picks 2016

September 8, 2016


Carolina – no no first year QB, Atl – wins early fades late, Bal – taking the home team, Houston – Bears are no good this year, Pack – have the early faith that Pack is on fire this year, Chiefs – great D while Rivers could keep it close, Raiders – Saints going down Raiders coming up, Bengals – homer and just take care of business trip, Browns – no no Rookie QB who didn’t even play Division I, Titans – run all over the Vikes who wish they had another week with Bradford, Hawks – home and D show sup big time, GMen – shows Dak that preseason speed isn’t regular season speed, Colts – Welcome back Mr. Luck, Cards – Hey NE didn’t you forget somebody at home, Steelers – close but Pitt in end, 49ers – because Gabbert is better than Keenum.