NFL Week 4 Picks 2016


9-7 Last week. Bengals – Bengals bounce back but tough, Colts – Colts show Jags how far they need to go across the pond, Houston – Ten got issues, Washington – Cleveland keeps it a game, Jets – Jets at home keeps Wilson in check, Pats – In Pats we trust no matter QB, Carolina – Bonce back mostly because no longer have to deal with Vikes “D”, Baltimore – close win by late FG, Detroit – Bears mostly of the bad new type, Denver – Broncos getting better each week, Zona – Cards bounce back over down Rams this week, Diego – Philip Rives wins it at end of game, Dallas – Rivalry not what is used to be, Pittsburgh – Pitt mostly shakes off last week with lots of Bell, Minnesota – Vikes “D” leads the way.

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