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2016 – Counting with the Count #8

February 29, 2016

One World. Ah ah ah ah! One World. And I got it in my hands. Please treat it right because it is the only one we got!

2016 – Counting with the Count #7

February 25, 2016

One schnozz. Ah ah ah ah ah. One schnozz. Do you like my nose?

2016 – Counting with the Count #6

February 25, 2016

One Foot. Two Feet. Ah ah ah ah! Two feet. Let’s go bowling so I can count everybody’s score.

2016 – Counting with the Count #5

February 11, 2016

One Post-It Note, Two Post-It Notes, Three Post-It Notes, Four Post-It Notes. Ah ah ah ah! Four Post-It Notes. Now if only I had some place to write a note on.

2016 – Counting with the Count #4

January 31, 2016

One Eye. Two Eyes. Ah ah ah ah! Two eyes. Safety first.

2016 – Counting with the Count #3

January 21, 2016

One book. Ah ah ah ah! One book. It’s about bats what could be better. Nothing. Well maybe counting. Yes counting is better.


2016 – Counting with the Count #2

January 13, 2016

One Pen. Two Pens. Three Pens. Ah ah ah ah! Three Pens!


2016 – Counting with the Count #1

January 7, 2016

One stripe, two stripe, three stripe, four stripe, five stripe, six stripe. Ah ah ah ah ah 6 stripes. Who Dey! Go Bengals!