10/02/17 On the Couch with Bengal


The first person to do something is a “Maverick” and likely will face harsh criticism for their view. Yet even when the masses start following his lead he will not get the credit or respect. Colin Kaepernick.

Life seems to encourage you to meddle in hypocrisy. Ray Lewis and Kaepernick. When Ray was given the chance he took a knee during the anthem. Michael Flynn and Hillary Clinton. When Flynn also couldn’t be trusted with national security secrets. Politicians. Republicans then to Democrats “Passing legislation through reconciliation is wrong.” Republicans now “We are going to pass tax reform and health care reform through reconciliation.”  How about don’t throw stones when you could be the next to be hit.

Is the NFL preseason a joke? Should it not be used to determine who starts? Deshaun Watson and Tom Savage. Tom Savage won the starting QB job but it appears the better choice was Watson. A report even surfaced that the coach tried to stump Watson via texts about different plays and couldn’t. But he wasn’t ready to start? Coach with no guts? Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson in 2012 shows that the processes can work. Remember Flynn was the money free agent and Wilson was a mid-third round draft pick. Wilson started and lead the team to a ring in 2014. Congrats Pete Carroll for making the football decision and not wait your turn or the one paid plays.

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