NFL Week 3 Picks 2016

0921161812.jpgPrevious week was once again 10-6.

Pats- When the chips are against them the Pats rake in the most, Arizona – Buffalo is bad, Ten – Taking the home team, Miami – 5th QB in 5 weeks does not a good team make, Baltimore – Bmore keeps rolling, Green Bay – Fireworks and A. Rodgers answers his critics Denver – Den “D” to much for Bengals, Carolina – close, tights, and home team come out on top, Washington – smelling a road upset, Tampa Bay – Rams might score a TD or two but not much more, Seattle – 49ers at home maybe but not on road, Jets – on the Chief’s wagon last week to off the wagon this week, Indy – lots of points and Luck gets the ball last and scores, Steelers – wake up Philly you are not that good, Dallas – Bears with backup QB, no thanks, New Orleans – Brees puts up a nice game

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