NFL Week 2 Picks 2016

0913161932.jpg10-6 in the picks last week. Missed how bad Browns are, not enough credit to how good Bucs are, some close games that could have went either way with 11 games decided by about a touchdown.

Jets – Bills are just bad, Panthers – bounce back after losing to a good team in Week 1, Skins – Boys young QB struggles on road, Steelers – back to back road games does Bengals no favors, GMen – only cause they are home, Pats – no struggles without two key players last week, Chiefs – build off of epic win last week and for the rest of the season, Lions – Stafford spreads the ball around and Titans too young, Ravens – Browns are horrible, Hawks – Rams are horrible, Cards – Bounce back over tough test against Bucs, Chargers – West Coast travel too much for Jags, Raiders – believe that Del Rio will lead this team to more wins as needed, Broncos – no “D” for Indy and plenty for Broncos, Pack – Sam’s first game or A. Rodgers shows how good he is with all his weapons, Eagles – Bears not that good this year.

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