NFL Week 1 Picks 2016


Carolina – no no first year QB, Atl – wins early fades late, Bal – taking the home team, Houston – Bears are no good this year, Pack – have the early faith that Pack is on fire this year, Chiefs – great D while Rivers could keep it close, Raiders – Saints going down Raiders coming up, Bengals – homer and just take care of business trip, Browns – no no Rookie QB who didn’t even play Division I, Titans – run all over the Vikes who wish they had another week with Bradford, Hawks – home and D show sup big time, GMen – shows Dak that preseason speed isn’t regular season speed, Colts – Welcome back Mr. Luck, Cards – Hey NE didn’t you forget somebody at home, Steelers – close but Pitt in end, 49ers – because Gabbert is better than Keenum.

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