9/6/16 On the Couch with Bengal


So the Baltimore Sun printed a column about if the Ravens don’t succeed this season then get ready for Marc Trestman to be the fall guy. Ultimately they hinted while not fair who else could get the ax because Baltimore will want blood. I guess? First not really positive thinking that your are going to have a good season by writing such a piece before the season even starts. Second they noted while the defensive coordinator got his squad to play better toward the end of the season and has added some real talent for him to work with that he will be safe. How about Ozzie should have given Trestman some real talent to work with so that he would be safe too? Is this Joe’s salary too large so that they can’t spend to give him the help? Is the relying on a 37 year old WR? Is that the great Ozzie blowing up his wide receiver core by replacing Torrey with a broken rookie wide out that never played? … Take the Bengals. Who would be their fall guy? Young wide receiver core not yet ready to play on the big stage? New offensive coordinator not as good as the last one? Injuries sucked the talent out? Maybe? Possibly? Probably? Are these areas of concerns? Yes to the first. Maybe to the second. And Yes to the third. But play the games man and maybe we will win and win and win. … Notre Dame lost. Is their season over? Maybe? Then again Ohio State rallied to the championship with an early season lose a couple of years ago. Got to settle this QB thing or not getting much better. … NFL starts on Thursday. Who is excited? …



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