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2016 NFL Season Starts

July 15, 2016

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Veterans Report GB July 25, Indy July 26, Atlanta – Philly July 27th, Cards – Steelers July 28th, Chiefs – Titans July 29th, Texans and 9ers July 30.

2016 – Taking Pics with Some VIPs

July 4, 2016

Photos with Mr. and Mrs. FDR. Pleasure was all mine. Mrs. Eleanor you are one tall cookie.

2016 – Eastern Hercules Beetle

July 4, 2016

Hanging vertically on a step. I kind of tried to force him off with a piece of plastic and he did not move. Tough little dude.

2016 – Counting with the Count #17

July 4, 2016

Zero trash. Ah ah ah ah! Zero trash. We recycle. Where is my friend Oscar?

2016 – Walk Through the Woods

July 4, 2016

Patapsco Valley State Park. And somewhere not that far is the big City of Baltimore. Any yet I walk. “We find our path by walking.. Author Unknown”

2016 – Counting with the Count #16

July 4, 2016

One Eye. Two Eyes. Ah ah aha ah! Two eyes. Some banging safety glasses.


2016 – Roxy Picture #13

July 4, 2016

One tuckered Roxy. Yeah man I am still alive. No worries. Just a little nap and less heat and I will be ready to go. Just a few more minutes.

2016 – Fire at a Wedding

July 4, 2016

June 4 2016 – Fire! And no one got hurt or caught on fire.